All MCA Insight articles in April 2020 – Page 5

  • Pizza Express

    Steve Gotham: The V-words that will mean so much


    Let me be clear from the outset, by ‘V-words’ I am not referring to a shape of the forthcoming recession. Instead, I am referring to three value-based derivatives: value for money, heightened values and value for time. The power of these three words is only going to become more influential by the time we eventually get to move on and begin restoring a new normality. I would suggest it is worth all industry stakeholders reflecting on how they can all be more strongly embraced.

  • Conversation

    Furloughed staff can take holiday


    Employees can take holiday while on furlough, but employers will have to pay 100% of their wage rather than 80%, according to the latest guidance from government.

  • Brewhouse & Kitchen

    Brewhouse & Kitchen to trial takeaway service


    Brewhouse & Kitchen will be reopening some of its pubs this week to trial a beer takeaway service, Kris Gumbrell, CEO, has told MCA.

  • Whiting & Hammond

    Whiting & Hammond launches food box scheme


    Premium pub operator Whiting & Hammond is the latest company to use its supplier relationships to curate a food box.

  • Crosstown City

    Crosstown Collective links artisan suppliers


    Crosstown, the artisan doughnut and coffee brand, has teamed up The Estate Dairy, Millers Bakery and London fruit & veg suppliers for an essentials food box delivery service.

  • Gaucho

    M & Gaucho Restaurants and D&D London pledge free meals to NHS staff


    M & Gaucho Restaurants and D&D London are among the latest operators to pledge free meals to help support NHS frontline workers.

  • Pubs

    BBPA calls for pub-specific government support


    The British Beer & Pub Association has called for extra government support for pubs to ensure they can survive an extended coronavirus lockdown.

  • Jonathan Downey

    Downey’s nine-month rent free proposal backed by industry leaders


    Jonathan Downey’s nine-month rent time out proposal will be put to Government this week, backed by a number of industry leaders.

  • ComptoirLibanais-Chelsea_09_2019_40

    Comptoir Group ‘confident’ coronavirus will not impede its long-term prospects


    The short-term uncertainty caused by the coronavirus will not impact the longer-term prospects of Comptoir Group, chairman Richard Kleiner has said in its trading update released today.

  • five guys restaurant

    Five Guys reopens six sites


    Five Guys has reopened a number of UK sites for delivery and click and collect.

  • rishi_sunak_660_190220061038_210320091509

    JRS receives 140,000 applications in first day


    More than 140,000 businesses applied for the Coronavirus Jobs Retention Scheme during its first day of operation, chancellor Rishi Sunak has revealed.

  • The Botanist, NWTC

    NWTC appoints new CEO


    The New World Trading Company, the operator behind The Botanist and The Florist, has appointed Jesper Friis as its new chief executive.

  • rishi_sunak_660_190220061038_210320091509

    HMRC opens JRS portal


    HMRC has opened a portal for businesses to claim grants through the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. Businesses can claim 80% of a furloughed employee’s salary, up to a maximum of £2,500 per month. The JRS was extended from the initial three month period last week and will now run until the end of June.

  • Restaurant

    Editor’s Opinion: Hang tight and plan your return


    The coronavirus continues to wreak havoc. It’s claimed hundreds of thousands of lives around the world and numbers continue to rise. As dreadful as that is, the long term socio-economic impact is more disturbing. The virus has created a level of disruption to health, society, and the economy that’s never happened before, outside of wartime. And while there is plenty of speculation on how life in general may get back to normal post-lockdown, with vaguely optimistic or pessimistic dates floating around, there is no clarity on how or when this might end.

  • restaurant cafe table

    Timeline: How the coronavirus crisis unfolded


    Here are just some of the twists and turns over the last few weeks. If you want to read all the MCA coverage of the coronavirus crisis click here.

  • closed shop sign

    Peter Martin: Speculation and confusion, but still no government plan


    So when will business - and pubs, bars and restaurant in particular - be able to open up again? It’s the question more people are beginning to ask, and the issue that has consumed much of this weekend’s media. The short answer seems to be ‘no time soon’. The press has been full of speculation, not to say confusion, about the Government’s supposed ‘three-point plan’ to start-up the economy, with talk of traffic-light systems, schools the first to open their doors as early as May 11, and even hope for the eating-out market.

  • rishi_sunak_660_190220061038_210320091509

    JRS extended until the end of June


    The Coronavirus Job Retention scheme will be extended until the end of June, chancellor Rishi Sunak has announced today.

  • Deliveroo rider

    CMA provisionally approves Amazon’s investment in Deliveroo to prevent its otherwise ‘inevitable exit from the market’


    The Competition and Markets Authority has provisionally cleared the Amazon and Deliveroo deal following evidence that the delivery giant would collapse without the investment.

  • feed nhs

    FeedNHS goes nationwide


    FeedNHS, the not-for-profit campaign launched by Leon founder John Vincent, has announced that it will be going nationwide next week.

  • Cote

    Dominic Walsh on Wetherspoon and Cote


    Tim Martin likes to plough his own unique furrow. From his penchant for attending City results presentations in chinos - or even shorts – to his mullet hairstyle and his love of rubbing the establishment up the wrong way, the JD Wetherspoon founder loves nothing better than to fan the flames of controversy. Among the issues that have particularly got his juices going over the years have been the euro, taxes, corporate governance and, of course, Brexit. On most of these subjects Martin has managed to navigate a course that has burnished his “man of the people” credentials, firmly established during 41 years of serving the cheapest food and drink in town.