A poll by Deliveroo found that 36% of people had ordered food for home delivery within the last week – up from 31% six months’ earlier.

The survey found 27% of people in London are ordering more often, compared to just 16% less often, but the figures are 14% and 25% respectively outside London. It also found 28% of those under 30 say they are ordering more often as well as 6% of those over 50.

Deliveroo insisted that while delivery is on the rise, it is not impacting on eating out, with 76% of respondents saying they are more likely or very likely to visit a restaurant after a positive experience ordering online.

It also showed delivery attitudes aping those of consumers eating out - 57% of those who have eaten out less in the past six months have also ordered fewer takeaways - only 10% have ordered more. The research also found 49% who have eaten out more over the period also ordered more takeaways, with 36% responding that they have not changed their food delivery habits.

Delivery remains a more spontaneous decision than dining out. Three-quarters of delivery experiences are unplanned. Whereas this is only true for 45% of restaurant visits.

Deliveroo UK managing director, Dan Warne, said: “People are ordering delivery more and more because of busy lives and the increased options available. Getting something delivered is no longer a one-off treat, but an affordable solution full of healthy choices for more occasions; from breakfast to late night meals.

“Customers still want the restaurant experience to socialise and celebrate, which is why eating out remains broadly stable. But when people spend the night at home, whether they are back late from work or are choosing a night in with a boxset, delivery means more opportunities for our restaurant partners. We our proud that our growth boosts others.”