High street restaurants and pubs need to do more to prevent seafood being overfished, according to analysis by Fish2fork and the Marine Conservation Society (MCS).

Of the 11 restaurant and pub chains assessed Yates, Giraffe, Little Chef, Slug and Lettuce, and Wasabi all failed to meet minimum expectations on sustainability.

However, Jamie’s Italian was the highest ranked outlet, closely followed by Brasserie Blanc, Loch Fyne, Las Iguanas, Strada and then TGI Fridays.

Samuel Stone, head of fisheries and aquaculture at MCS, said: “We shouldn’t have to leave our values and ethics behind when we eat out, and these blue fish rated restaurants are showing us that we don’t need to when we order the seafood from their menus.”

Fish2fork ratings are on a scale of five red fish, the worst, to five blue fish, the best.

Fish2fork and MCS looked at the origins of the seafood served, the information provided to customers, and the approach to sourcing by 11 restaurant and pub chains to provide a rating for each outlet.