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    Analysis & Insight

    Brandwatch: Five Guys


    Long before the pandemic struck, Five Guys was one of the most aggressively expanding operators in the sector, snapping up prime real estate across the country.

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    Analysis & Insight

    Deliveroo study: 100k jobs saved due to platform


    Deliveroo has commissioned a study which estimates delivery platforms protected 100,000 jobs in the restaurant sector during the height of the pandemic.

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    Analysis & Insight

    UKH: ‘Extremely low level of transmission in hospitality’


    The hospitality sector has reported just 1,728 infections across the UK workforce in the 14 weeks since reopening, out of approximately 20m work shifts.

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    Analysis & Insight

    One third in tier 3 have already closed or plan to shut


    A third of operators in tier 3 say they do not have sufficient support to trade as a viable business and have either already closed or plan to shut.

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    Analysis & Insight

    Sunak splits the sector


    From “hugely generous” to “nowhere near enough”, industry response to the chancellor’s latest round of business support was mixed to say the least. Speaking in the Commons yesterday (22 October), Sunak highlighted that the extent of the new funding – which will include £2,100 grants for businesses and an improved Short Time Work Scheme – was predicated on talks with hospitality operators and trade bodies earlier in the day, who informed the chancellor of a “significant fall in consumer demand, causing profound economic harm to their industry.” In light of the unsustainable position in which thousands of hospitality businesses under tier 2 restrictions have found themselves in recent weeks, he added that he made “no apology” for “responding to changing circumstances” - but does this ‘unapologetic’ response go far enough?

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    Higher tiers hit footfall


    UK footfall saw a 5% drop this week as tier 2 and 3 restrictions were applied throughout the country, new data from Wireless Social has found.

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    Analysis & Insight

    Tier 2 prompts 50% sales dip for hospitality


    Pubs, bars and restaurants in tier 2 of the government’s system have seen sales drop by half since the introduction of the stricter measures, CGA’s latest data shows.

  • Matt Farrell
    Analysis & Insight

    Graffiti Spirits co-founder Matt Farrell: ‘Government are always two weeks behind’


    In its reactive approach to mandating restrictions, the government is “two or three weeks behind every time” when it comes to providing the accompanying support, Graffiti Spirits co-founder Matt Farrell has said.

  • Manchester 3
    Analysis & Insight

    Greater Manchester tier 3 funding 'brutal' and a 'huge blow'


    The government’s offer of £22m to place Greater Manchester under tier 3 restrictions is far from the levels of support needed to prevent mass job losses and closures in the sector, hospitality trade bodies have warned.

  • House of Commons
    Analysis & Insight

    Government ‘retrofitting evidence’ to support policy


    The government has been creating policy without evidence, and then trying to “rapidly retrofit” evidence to support it, in the face of growing opposition from its own backbenches, MCA’s The Conversation has heard.

  • Spending up in Q4 2018
    Analysis & Insight

    Pub and bar spend up 9% in September


    Spending at pubs and bars saw a 9% year-on-year rise in September, the first increase since February, according to the latest data from Barclaycard.

  • HLP
    Analysis & Insight

    Hospitality Leaders Poll: 63% of operators will fail inside six months without government support


    Unless the government steps in with more financial support, 63% of operators don’t believe they will make it through the next six months of the 10pm curfew, according to the latest weekly Hospitality Leaders Poll. As it moves into its second week, the sense among operators that the curfew will threaten their survival has increased, not least because another 87% believe that customer confidence in returning to eating and drinking out has taken a hit after the curfew was introduced. “The 10pm curfew is a knee jerk reaction that was ill-informed, not validated by evidence or empirical data and is actually making the R number worse in the capital by tipping thousands of customers into the streets and public transport system en masse,” said one operator. “It’s so silly and they should just admit they got it wrong and reverse it.”

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    Analysis & Insight

    ​Top brands cut estates by 7.5%


    Branded restaurants and pubs have announced cuts to their estates of 7.5% already this year, with fears that many more sites still closed since lockdown may never reopen.

  • Food to go
    Analysis & Insight

    Food to go to see 41% bounce back in 2021


    Food to go will see a significant bounce back from its 2020 decline next year, increasing its share of the overall eating out market, according to Lumina Intelligence.

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    Analysis & Insight

    Sales hit hard by new restrictions


    Sales were hit hard in the last week of September as new restrictions were introduced, with like-for-like sales down 22.8% year on year.

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    Analysis & Insight

    Turnover rents a ‘sensible transition solution’


    Turnover rents are a short-term solution for the uncertainty of the coronavirus crisis, but landlords and tenants will want to return a more normalised fixed rate model once the market begins to get back to normal, CGA’s Follow the Monday has heard.

  • Neighbourhood
    Analysis & Insight

    Neighbourhood losses mounted after Manchester closure


    East Coast concepts, the Neighbourhood and Victor’s operator recently acquired in a pre-pack administration, was already going through a challenging year even before the coronavirus pandemic struck, posting a loss of £1.7m in the 12 months to 29 February 2020.

  • Turtle Bay
    Analysis & Insight

    Turtle Bay in positive lfls growth


    Turtle Bay is having one of its best two-month trading periods on record, chair Jane O’Riordan has said.

  • Peter Borg-Neal, Oakman Inns
    Analysis & Insight

    The Conversation - listen to Kate Nicholls, Peter Borg-Neal and Peter Martin


    The Conversation, a podcast style virtual event, was launched at the start of lockdown, and has now been going for 27 weeks. After a tumultous week caused by the imposition of the 10pm curfew, James Halliwell, MCA’s editor, was joined by two leaders who have campaigned tirelessly to support our sector: UK Hospitality’s Kate Nicholls and Oakman Inns CEO Peter Borg-Neal, as well as MCA’s contributing editor, and original founder, Peter Martin. The event kicks off with Kate Nicholls updating us on her conversations with the government, followed by commentary from our two panellists. Click here to listen

  • HLP
    Analysis & Insight

    Hospitality Leaders Poll: 35% of operators won’t survive 10pm curfew


    A third of hospitality operators have had over a third of their bookings wiped out by the 10pm curfew, according to the latest Hospitality Leaders Poll carried out by Lumina Intelligence for MCA, the MA, Restaurant and Big Hospitality. Some 13% said over 40% of their bookings had been hit and 18% said between 30% and 40% had been cancelled. Another third (29%) said between 10% and 20% of their bookings had been scrapped. One multi-site pub operator said trade down 20% as a result of the curfew, which was “more than expected”.