Will Brumby

  • 05 June 2015

    Profit taking hits M&C20 after buoyant weeks


    The M&C20 outperformed the All Share index this week, down 0.7% against the All Share’s 2.6% drop

  • 29 May 2015

    Grexit overhangs M&C20


    In what was a half term week of fairly low volumes in the stock markets, the M&C20 outperformed the All-Share Index, rising 0.3% while the wider market fell 0.2%

  • 08 May 2015

    Political stability brings strength to sector


    Election week was always going to be big news across the country and in the stock market it was no different. Ahead of the result the prospect of a hung parliament had the All-Share index subdued, but it opened up almost 2% today following the news of a continuation of Tory leadership, bringing the weekly change to up 1.4% for the UK index. The M&C20 outperformed markedly as domestic stocks were strong on relief that the government’s economic strategy is likely to remain unchanged

  • M&C20 24 April 2015

    Punch shares up in flat market


    The M&C20 slightly outperformed the market this week, rising 0.6% vs the All-Share’s 0.1% rise. The wider market was held back by financial stocks and a sharp downward move by the food retailers following Tesco’s numbers on Wednesday

  • 17 April 2015

    M&C20 dips following stellar week


    In what was a relatively quiet week for listed leisure companies, the M&C20 underperformed the market, falling 1.5%, while the All-Share Index was up 0.5% as the wider market rose on oil price moves and geopolitics

  • 10 april

    Bouyant performance across leisure sector


    The M&C20 marginally underperformed the All-Share this week rising 3.0% (to 1,378 points) versus the All-Share’s 3.2% rise (to 1,107 points). The wider market saw a strong performance in oil and mining stocks as the All Share ended the week above 7,000 points once again

  • 02 April

    Fulham Shore leads M&C20 risers


    The M&C20 outperformed the market this week, rising 0.1% (1,338 points) against the All-Share’s 0.7% decline (to 1,073 points) as investors favoured domestic stocks in fear of an international slowdown

  • 27.03.2015

    Eclectic plummets as M&C20 declines


    The M&C20 was down 2.6% last week underperforming the All-Share which was down 1.3% as domestic sectors once again underperformed the wider market. The All-Share was held up by gains in oil and mining stocks on the back of rises in the oil price, though this didn’t prove enough to offset what has been a week of decline for most major stock markets

  • 12 March

    M&C20 storming ahead of All Share index


    The M&C20 outperformed a falling market this week, losing 1.4% versus the All-Share which was down 2.4%. Since the M&C20’s inception in May 2013 the index has outperformed the wider market by around 30%

  • M&C20 27 February

    Strong performances across M&C20


    The M&C20 was up 1.7% this week to 1,370 points as strong performances from big caps Domino’s and Cineworld lifted the index. The All-Share was up 0.8% to 1,089 points as utilities, oil and gas stocks held the wider market back

  • News

    M&C20 at all-time high


    The All-Share Index is close to its all-time highs this week and it’s worth noting that the last time the index recorded a new all-time high was in 1999. That said, the wider market is currently being held back by geopolitical events with the All-Share recording an increase of just 0.3% (to 1,080 points) this week. The M&C20 by comparison was up 0.5% to 1,347 points, most likely outperforming due to its domestic bias

  • M&C20 13 February

    M&C20 continues to climb


    The M&C20 was up 2.7% to 1,341 points this week, outperforming the wider market which ended up 0.7% at 1,077 points. The wider market will have been influenced by geopolitics and oil price speculation this week, leading the M&C20 to outperformance as investors retreat to what is a broadly domestic sector

  • M&C20 06 February 2015

    Pubcos up in M&C20


    The All-Share outperformed the M&C20 this week, rising 1.1% to 1,069 points, as a rally in the oil price pushed oil stocks higher. The M&C20 was up a more reasonable 0.1% to 1,305 points

  • M&C20 30 January

    JDW, Green King and Marston's outperform M&B


    The M&C20 was broadly unchanged this week, rising 0.2% to 1,304 points while the All-Share had a worse week, falling 0.7% to 1,058 points

  • M&C20 23 January

    Strong trading across M&C20


    The markets performed very strongly this week with the All-Share Index seeing a 4.9% gain to 1,065 points, outperforming what was a robust showing from the M&C20 which was up 3.3% to an all-time high of 1,301 points

  • M&C20 Leisure Index 16 January 2015

    M&C20 levels out


    M&C20 was virtually unchanged this week, down 0.2% to 1,259 points with the All-Share ending the week down 1.2% in total to 1,015 points. Much of the All-Share’s movement this week was related to oil and commodities stocks, with the leisure sector largely unaffected, says Will Brumby of Langton Capital

  • M&C20 Leisure Share Index

    Recovery for M&C20


    The Santa rally is finally upon us…

  • M&C20 Leisure Index 5 September

    Leisure Index continues to climb


    The M&C20 showed modest gains this week, finishing up some 16 points at 1,219, outperforming the wider market, which finished up six points at 1,065