TV personality and restaurateur Bill Granger has confirmed he will open a site in London’s Chelsea.

As flagged up by MCA in December last year, Granger, who currently operates three Granger & Co sites in the capital, will open a further site as part of Cadogan’s Pavillion Road development just off Sloane Square.

Speaking to MCA last year, Granger said he would like to take Granger & Co to five sites in London.

The Australian chef, who owns and manages 16 restaurants worldwide, said he hoped to open four sites overall over the next 12 months - most likely one in London and three internationally.

Granger, who hopes to launch a new concept in London at some point in the future, said the high costs of running restaurants in the UK capital contributed to him only currently having three.

But he added he was building restaurants to run rather than sell and was happy with his careful and conservative approach during 25 years in the industry.

On three-strong Granger & Co, he said: “We’d love to be able to get to five if we can find the right sites. I wouldn’t want to open more - I want to keep it niche. There’s people that do bigger groups but it’s not necessarily what I do.

“I’d love to do something else in London. I’ve got a great passion for different types of food, whether its Italian, Asian.”

Davis Coffer Lyons acted on the Chelsea deal.