Fuller, Smith & Turner is predicting that the forthcoming smoking ban in England and Wales will hurt it less than its rivals. The chief executive Michael Turner said the company had improved its fresh food offering in all of its pubs and had made a good start to the financial year. Revenue for the year to the end of March was £178m, up from £148m last year, and profit before tax had almost tripled to £42m, boosted by the £20.1m sale of two hotels. Sales at the managed pubs rose 28% and profits 41%, while sales at tenanted pubs were up 39% and profits by 40%. The Fuller’s Beer Company profits rose 12% to £7.9m as more London Pride bitter was sold. The company will expend its ale business via other brands such as Organic Honey Dew and Discover. A 15% rise in the final dividend to 16.25 is proposed. Earnings per share almost tripled to 130.34p, with shares holding at £18.18. Financial Times 9/6/07 page 17 (Companies & Markets), page 32 (Small Caps, Companies & Markets) The Times 9/6/07 page 62 (Need To Know, Business), page 67 The Guardian 9/6/07 page 40 (Market Forces, Financial)