Spirit Pub Company is seeking 10 children to act as “mini directors” for its Fayre & Square brand.

Spirit said the children, aged between five and eight, will sit alongside the company’s bosses to influence projects ranging from the new kids’ menu to the developments of Wacky Warehouse.

They will meet at Spirit’s headquarters on 15 April and spend the day working with chefs to create new dishes, design the look and style of the menu and test out new play equipment for Wacky Warehouse.

Helen Wallace, brand manager for Fayre & Square, said: “We’ve just launched our most ambitious and creative kid’s menu to date which is receiving really positive feedback, but we think there is more we can do.

“Children are known for making their voices heard but they’re not always listened to, so we decided to mix things up and give the kids a chance to call the shots for a change instead of the adults – something we’re sure will produce some great ideas and one of the best kid’s menus out there.”

Parents of family members can nominate a child for the event via the Fayre & Square website or Facebook page.

Each child taking part will receive a Merlin Annual Pass, a family party at their local Fayre & Square pub restaurant, and a Wacky VIP Gold Card, which entitles them to unlimited access to the play centre for 12 months.