One third of nightlife businesses fear going under within one month without urgent government support, a new survey from the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) has found.

While one five are worried they could lose their entire workforce, according to the responses of more than five hundred nightclubs, bars, pubs and other hospitality venues polled over last weekend.

On average, late night venues have lost around £46k per unit in lost sales and cancellations so far over the festive period, with more than half of those business required to introduce Covid certification having experienced a +40% drop in footfall since.

“It really is a chilling prospect to see so many venues in our sector left to bleed, with a lockdown in everything but name and absolutely no recognition of this from the Government,” said Michael Kill, chief executive, NTIA.

“These venues have faced over twenty months of financial hardship and the Christmas trade period was integral to keeping those surviving businesses afloat in the upcoming year.”

More than half of businesses polled said they would be forced to cut more than 50% of their workforce if adequate financial support is not forthcoming.

“The government have had twenty months to learn how our sector operates; it is beggars belief we stand here again, as if back in March 2020, imploring the government to listen to us, to understand how businesses work and to realise that inaction is a death sentence for our industry,” he added.