Zizzi, the Azzurri Group-owned chain, has partnered with online ordering platform Orderswift to launch click-and-collect ordering across its 145-site estate.

The move comes six months after Orderswift launched the service across Azzurri’s other nationwide chain, ASK Italian.

The collaboration gives Zizzi customers the ability to place collection orders on a branded, two-step interface, which can be accessed on any desktop or mobile device, in less than 30 seconds.

Azzurri Group head of IT Doug Wooten said: ”Orderswift has an impressive product, with a great team behind it. Having enjoyed our partnership in taking ASK Italian’s collection orders online – and seeing the results of that – we had no hesitation in partnering with Orderswift again to launch click-and-collect at Zizzi.”

Orderswift co-founder Matt Gilbert said: “The management team at Zizzi see the huge revenue opportunity that click-and-collect holds for casual dining businesses and we’re very excited to be helping them realise that. We’re also humbled that Azzurri Group has selected Orderswift as a partner for its two biggest brands.”