Vianet Group, management services company, has partnered with Casio Electronics, to combine its iDraught pub management tool set with the latter’s new V-R7000 EPOS solution.

The companies said that the off the shelf solution will allow licensees to provide an improved customer experience, whilst driving improved profitability.

Vianet said: “Previously, publicans have had to go to the back of house and log into their system to manage inventory as well as process transactions and analyse budgets and spending, they have had to search out the information. Using the new combined solution the information is presented to them front of house placing all of the control required to efficiently manage their business conveniently at the Point of Sale. This will help publican’s demonstrate savvy pub management, allow for more time in the trading area, will increase productivity and improve efficiency.”

The new solution will bring all stock management and transaction processing into one enabled 15.6” widescreen EPOS terminal, housed neatly behind the bar.

Steven Alton, managing director at Vianet, said: “Vianet has been successfully working with retailers for many years driving the very best performance in customer experience and profitability. Our partnership with Casio enables the delivery of the next generation of management toolsets for the trade. Bringing all key information into one management platform ensures retailers can focus on what really matters in real time.”

“This means that when you’re running a promotion like stocking the latest guest beer the licensee can add the item easily onto the menu and with a touch of a button they can also promote it on their social media accounts.”