Jamie’s Italian has teamed up with food intelligence start-up Yumpingo for a data service the tech firm’s founder said “changes everything” for restaurant operators.

Jamie’s went public this morning with Yumpingo’s platform, which it is using to remodel its menu, as well as other elements of its operations, based on a real-time data capture from customer feedback.

Yumpingo is also working with Wahaca and a number of other major operators on the service, which is designed to give restaurants insight into what guests really think of their food at dish level and identify where improvements could be made.

Guests complete a one-minute online review at the end of their meal on tablet devices which replace traditional bill presenters.

Yumpingo has been beta trailling the service at Jamie’s Italian sites in Piccadilly, Stratford and Victoria over the summer, during which time the platform captured and analysed 3,000 food and service reviews from guests per restaurant every month.

Gary Goodman, chief executive and founder of the platform, told MCA: “When restaurant groups launch a new menu or new site, they are quite exposed because they don’t know how consumers will respond to what they are doing.

“What we can help them do is to optimise every element from their operations to what they serve guests, and effectively give them the eyes and ears of service for the first time

“When we meet with COOs and executive chefs they quickly realise that this information changes everything – how to build menus, investment in new sites, how private equity firms look at investments, ways to reward and pay staff.”

Jason Ridout, chief operations officer of Jamie Oliver Restaurant Group said: “Yumpingo is helping us to track and optimise customer satisfaction across every dish on our menu, so decisions that were previously made on instinct are now data-driven. Yumpingo’s food intelligence platform enables us to better engage with our guests to help us serve more food they love, more often.”

Mark Selby, chief executive and co-founder of Wahaca, added: “Wahaca has been collaborating with Yumpingo to develop a number of really innovative ideas that will be brought to market later this year. I believe restaurants need to transform how they interact with and delight their customers and as ever we want to be at the forefront of that. Working with Yumpingo has been a great journey and we are excited about what the future holds ”