Timothy Taylor’s Boltmaker beer was awarded the Champion Beer of Britain Gold award at yesterday’s Great British Beer Festival held at London’s Olympia.

The beer, which won the bitters category, was described as a “well-balanced, genuine Yorkshire Bitter, with a full measure of maltiness and hoppy aroma”. It won a series of CAMRA panel tasting sessions and regional beer competitions before winning the award.

Taking the Silver title was Oakham Ales’ Citra, followed by Salopian Brewery, Darwin’s Origin taking Bronze.

The top prize has been won by a member of the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) for 14 of the past 15 awards and the majority of class winners have also been society members.

SIBA managing director Mike Benner said: “To be named Champion Beer of Britain is a tremendous achievement and Timothy Taylor is to be heartily congratulated.That the CBOB title continues to be awarded to SIBA brewers is testament to the craft, quality and innovation that are evident in beers produced by our members.  The pioneering microbrewers who founded SIBA 34 years ago did so in protest at the homogenisation of British beer, and their spirit lives on in the amazing diversity of styles produced by our 800 or independent brewer members.

He added, “Winning an award at the GBBF undoubtedly helps those brewers to raise their profile and secure listings. We’re delighted that a growing number of pubs are now making space on their bars for beers from independent British breweries, and will be working hard to ensure this trend continues and more of our members’ great beers are listed in more pubs – to the benefit of brewer, retailer and the increasing number of drinkers looking for quality British beers.” 

The Class winners were: Milds: Bank Top, Dark Mild ; Bitters: Timothy Taylor Boltmaker, Best Bitters: Salopian Brewery, Darwin’s Origin; Golden Ales: Oakham Ales, Citra; Strong Bitters: Church End Brewery, Fallen Angel; Speciality Beers: Saltaire Brewery, Triple Chocoholic; Real Ale in a Bottle: Marble Beers, Chocolate Marble.

A category for Winter Beers (announced at CAMRA Winter Ale Festival) saw winners from: Cairngorm Brewery: Black Gold; Dunham Massey: Dunham Porter; Exe Valley Brewery: Winter Glow; Kinver Brewery: Over the Edge.