Meantime Brewing Company is to launching its “Brewery Fresh” beer (or “tank beer”) outside London for the first time.

It will launch the beer, at Indigo Pub Company’s newly refurbished Hare and Hounds pub in Brighton.

Brewery Fresh, originally launched in London-based Young’s pubs, is now available in seven outlets in the capital, including the Brooklyn Bowl at the O2 arena and Jacks in Waterloo.

Indigo Pub Company, which operates a further 16 pubs in Brighton, acquired the Enterprise Inns free-of-tie lease in August last year.

Meantime’s Brewery Fresh London Lager is delivered by specially modified tankers direct from the maturation tanks at the brewery into specially engineered tanks, installed in the pub, from where it is dispensed.

The results are claimed to be a smoother lager, with enhanced aromas and flavours.

Nick Miller, chief executive of Meantime Brewing, said:  “Brewery Fresh beer represents a way of ensuring Meantime’s beers retain the flavour the brewer originally set out to create – unadulterated by the processes that other industrial lagers go through which can diminish it. We’re pushing craft beer further than ever with Brewery Fresh, using the latest technology to answer drinkers’ call for a fresher, even better-tasting brew.”