Meantime Brewing Company is giving away over 12,000 hop growing kits to Londoners in a bid to raise awareness about the ingredients that go in to making beer.

The ‘Hops in a Box’ kits will be distributed in over 80 pubs and bars and also through Waitrose stores, who are also backing our initiative.

The aim is to generate conversation around how beer is made, and highlight some of the key ingredients that add flavour to beer.

Each of the ‘Hops in a Box’ kits contain a packet of hop seeds, a mini terracotta pot, dehydrated compost and full growing instructions.

The company also have its very own ‘Hop Doctor’ available to dispense advice to hop growers via Twitter and Facebook – and encourage everyone to share their plant’s progress through social media.

Nick Miller, chief executive at Meantime, said: “We’re on a mission to engage drinkers with craft brewing and get people interested in the way their brews are made. The variety of natural hops and malted barley at our disposal is huge and it allows us to pack flavour into our beer. Our aim is to educating as many of the British public as we can about how their beer is made. In doing so we take them on a journey which explains what gives beer its richness and diversity of flavours, giving people the chance to have a go themselves is all part of that.

“Increasingly, consumers want more from their beer. Better quality, bigger flavours and proven provenance. We think that, by helping people appreciate where hops come from, how they grow and the flavour they impart will mean they will appreciate the beer they drink all the more.”