YO! Sushi and Starbucks have both signed up to Facebook Deals, a new system which allows businesses to provide users with special offers and discounts as a reward for checking-in.

As part of the deal, YO! Sushi, which is the only restaurant group to have been selected to participate in the launch, will be giving away 2000 meals to the value of £60,000.

The first 1000 diners to check-in with their mobile phone with Facebook Places at any of the company’s 47 participating restaurants, tag their friend and show a member of staff their phone screen with the confirmation message will receive complimentary food and drink.

Coffee chain Starbucks is offering free coffee to the first 30,000 Facebook users to check in.

Facebook Deals is part of Facebook Places application, which gives people the power to easily share where they are with friends on Facebook, locate mates nearby, discover new places and now take advantage of a whole host of special deals.

Robin Rowland, YO! Sushi ECO, said: “Our customers are the most technologically savvy in our sector so this deal will really turn them on. Plus, the opportunity to potentially reach over 26 million active Facebook users in the UK is unbelievably exciting.”