The new Wahaca, which will open in Shoreditch later this month, will not only include a new look for the 10-year-old brand but also include a Test Kitchen.

The company said that the Test Kitchen would be a home for co-founder Thomasina Miers and its chefs to develop new ideas and recipes and give its customers a chance to try them out for the first time.

The most popular dishes will be launched across the country, with the company’s intelligent bill system collecting live feedback from customers.

The site, on the former The Yard restaurant in Tabernacle Street, will feature 120-cover spread over two floors and will allow some diners to sit at a long communal table and watch chefs create dishes.

The new site will open on 27 November.

The new interactive bill system has been designed by Yumpingo and builds on its existing digital customer review platform, which Wahaca is rolling out.

Yumpingo tablet devices now replace both traditional bill presenters and printed paper bills. The Yumpingo platform integrates directly with restaurants’ EPOS systems, meaning servers key in the relevant table number into the Yumpingo bill presenter and pull up the digital bill instantly.

Customers can give real-time feedback on their meal by completing a one-minute e-review of their dishes and service. The data is then collated and analysed by Yumpingo to generate insights into what guests love and highlight where improvements could be made, to help restaurants enhance the customer experience. Yumpingo has been developing its new intelligent bill platform with Wahaca for the last six months.

Mark Selby, Wahaca’s chief executive and co-founder, said: “Restaurants need to transform how they interact with and engage their customers and we want to be at the forefront of that. Our Test Kitchen is an innovation platform to develop new ideas and recipes and this seemed the perfect place to launch something so pioneering.

“Working with Yumpingo and their new digital intelligent bill, we are able to listen more closely to our customers, whilst reacting in real time to what they are saying about our new recipes. For us it is the next step in creating a seamless guest experience.”

Yumpingo founder and chief executive Gary Goodman said: “Yumpingo delivers big data for food development and operations and Wahaca have always been one of the most innovative restaurant brands in the sector. Our new intelligent digital bill transforms how restaurants engage and delight their customers. Wahaca is now able to track and optimise NPS (Net Promoter Scores) at dish, site service and server level. Strategically this is a game changer for the industry.”