Richard Sargeant, the co-founder of Handmade Burger Company, has spoken out about “the most difficult period” of his life after losing his business.

In August administrators were called into the Sergeant partnership, which Sargeant set up with his brother Chris in 2004. The business was acquired out of administration the next month for less than £1.5m, after an unsuccessful attempt to carry out a (Creditors Voluntary Arrangement) CVA was made.

Sargeant said the collapse of the business, which had grown to 29 sites, was “heartbreaking” but insisted he would continue to pursue opportunities in the restaurant sector.

In a post to his LinekedIn connections, he wrote: “Just over eleven years ago I started Handmade Burger Company - a proud moment for myself and my brothers. We built the business from scratch to create a great restaurant business with 29 outlets nationwide and a great team of over 800 . Three months ago our business was forced into administration and we lost it all.

“The business was bought by new owners and it continues but without us.

“I wanted to write this post as the last months have been the most difficult of my life - having something you loved and created taken from you is heartbreaking.

“I suppose I write this on one of my many sleepless nights of late to send a message to all you great people out there building and growing your businesses.

“Business can be the best and the worst thing in the world - it’s unpredictable , brilliant, hard work, rewarding but also devastating as well, take care of your business don’t let what happened to me happen to you.

“I’m not looking for anyone to feel sorry for me - the last eleven years have taught me so much about myself as an individual and I guess I’m learning another important lesson now.

“So as I stand here now with absolutely nothing left - no job - no money - I look forward to the next eleven years -one thing is for sure - I won’t be beaten.

“Oh and I’m available.”