Red Dog Saloon and Louie’s Hot Chicken founder Tom Brooke has launched a new Indian-inspired barbecue concept called Burra Khana.

The restaurant will open this September in Nottingham, next to Red Dog in Victoria Street, and will serve dishes inspired by the streets of Delhi and Jaipur, as well as the traditional cookery techniques of Middle Eastern countries such as Persia, Turkey and Lebanon.

Brooke told MCA that he was not looking to expand the Burra Khana concept into a multi-site business, but he said that following its opening he was considering opening a concept inspired by it, in Liverpool, but under a different name.

“I think nowadays chains are quite unpopular, and when you have a chain you lose a bit of the soul so I don’t want that to happen,” he explained.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the concept, which has been two years in the making, he said it was partially due to his love of Indian food but also that a lot of the chefs within his Red Dog Saloon business are Indian, with Amit Goyal, head chef at Red Dog in Southampton – who has been instrumental in the development of the concept – to serve as executive chef at Burra Khana.

Brooke’s most recent opening was Louie’s Nashville Hot Chicken, which launched in the basement of its Hoxton Red Dog Saloon restaurant in March. Red Dog Saloon also has sites in Soho, Nottingham, Southampton and Liverpool.

Brooke said that while the plethora of American-inspired concepts, as well as restaurants generally, opening in recent years had made trading hard, the contraction being seen in the sector now had resulted in sales at its Red Dog business coming back up again this year.

“I went through a period of growing rapidly and then things got tough for everyone but now I am beating last year, so I am really happy. I think it comes down to supply, there were just too many restaurants, and now the number has got smaller I think the people who have survived are going to be doing better,” he said.

Dishes at Burra Khana will include Taley Aloo Ki Chaat, a fried fresh potato in green peppers, tomato and spices, on a bed of iceberg lettuce, or the Panipuri, a round hollow puri crisp filled with flavoured water and potato, as well as charcoal barbecue skewers such as Chooza Tandoori – marinated baby poussin, and Jhangiri Jeenga – a marinated jumbo king prawn kabab.