Pizza Hut Delivery has begun a national rollout of its ‘fast casual’ stores with the launch of two different formats.

The business, which is to pump more than £1m of investment into its stores over the coming months, has refurbished its Islington store to a ‘fast casual delivery concept’, while its Watford store has launched the new ‘fast casual express’ format.

The key features of the overarching fast casual concepts are a new contemporary look and feel, which draws on Pizza Hut’s American roots, open kitchens and a waiting time of only five minutes from ordering.

At the delivery version of the concept, customers will be able to choose between having their food as either a delivery order, takeaway or eat-in. The express sites will only offer takeaway of eat-in.

The opening of the Watford stores follows an earlier trial of the fast casual delivery concept in Luton, which launched last year, and served c.33% higher volumes of pizza than Pizza Hut’s traditional delivery stores.

Neil Manhas, general manager for Pizza Hut Delivery UK said: “Our Delivery & Express business has bold plans to enhance our customer experience, by making it easier and faster to enjoy a better pizza and these new store designs will play an important role in enabling us to deliver on this ambition.

“Pizza Hut has ambitions to refurbish the entire delivery estate under this new design concept as part of our mission to become the fastest growing pizza company in Europe.”

Pizza Hut Delivery has said it will be investing c.£200k in each site.