Nando’s has announced a partnership with Flypay and its new Flyt integration platform.

Under the new partnership, Flypay will focus on leveraging digital innovation to improve the experience for Nando’s customers, first by streamlining the online ordering process. Future plans include integrating Nando’s technology partners on to the Flyt platform and revolutionising the customer journey across a range of devices and technologies.

Tom Weaver, chief executive of Flypay, said: “Nando’s is the most innovative brand in the hospitality space right now – setting the benchmark for others to follow. For our part, we are completely committed to bringing the very best innovations in hospitality technology to a truly pioneering brand, who are committed to pushing boundaries for their customers.

“We are beginning by integrating digital customer orders – but this is only the beginning of the Nando’s and Flypay journey. It’s a strategic partnership which will continue to develop and build over time, working together to create the ultimate digital brand experience for Nando’s customers. Ultimately our joint goal is to create a world class digital experience that goes well beyond anything out there right now.”