John Vincent, one of the founders of the healthy fast food chain Leon, is this morning launching his latest venture, Flat Planet, in London. Flat Planet offers wheat-free spelt flatbreads with a variety of toppings – however they are not Italian-style flatbreads and are instead based on an old English recipe. The entrepreneur has taken a two-floor A1 site on Great Marlborough Street close to a nearby branch of Leon for takeaway and sit-in dining. Selsian, the London-based property agency, handled the deal. Vincent told M&C Report that Flat Planet had been self funded and was completely separate from Leon. He said: “Just because you have a second child it doesn’t mean you don’t love your first. I am still completely committed to Leon – but the opportunity came along for Flat Planet and it was too good to miss. “These flats are an amazing wheat free concept that is hard to describe - it’s not a pizza or an Italian style flatbread and yet the flavours are amazing.” Separately, he said Leon had now codified its operations and was about to embark on another round of openings. He said: “Restaurant chains don’t just grow exponentially, they breathe and then contract and with our two latest openings we are about to enter another exciting phase for Leon.” The group opens a site on Old Compton Street before Christmas and is set to open its 11th site in Brent Cross in the New Year.