Leon has made the decision to exit the US market after just two years, closing its four sites in Washington DC and Virginia, in order to focus on the UK and Continental Europe. However it hasn’t ruled out opening restaurants in the country again in the future.

The business launched in the States in 2018 and had plans for expand the brand further, however the pandemic resulted in the sites not being viable to operate.

Nick Ayerst, managing director, Leon told MCA that although the brand the “incredibly well received” by customers in the US, “the impact of Covid-19 took hold on high-density downtown locations and, like many US restaurants, the impact on LEON was too great to sustain”.

“The impact It was a tough decision to exit the US after such a warm reception, closing all restaurants at the end of January 2021.

“We have an eye on a US re-entry in a calmer future but, for now, we are focused on strengthening our UK and European core through continuing to make fast food, good food.”

MCA reported earlier this week that Shereen Ritchie, UK managing director for Leon Restaurants was to step down at the end of this month.