Leon, the John Vincent-led group, has achieved the Sustainable Restaurant Association’s (SRA) top mark of three stars – the only brand in the food-to-go market to be awarded the accolade for its sustainable practices.

The SRA judges a business’ sustainability against a ten-point sustainability framework under three main pillars of Sourcing (40%), Society (30%) and Environment (30%). Three stars are only awarded to businesses who achieve 70% or above, and the SRA said that Leon’s score of 74% demonstrated the attention given to each pillar.

Leon stated: “Leon was founded with the mission to make it easy for everyone to eat well, live well, and be kind to the planet. Compostable boxes and bags were joined by compostable coffee cups in November 2016, and biodegradable cutlery and paper straws earlier this year. An ongoing trial with Can O water is the next step in Leon’s aim to reduce plastics.

Beyond this, Leon-owned restaurants are powered with 100% green energy from renewable sources and, where Leon controls its own waste management, the brand ensures zero waste-to-landfill. A partnership with Bio Bean, a sustainable tech start-up, ensures that Leon’s used coffee grounds are repurposed into bio fuel and the business is focused on continuing to promote more sustainable practices in both producers and customers.

“For a week in October, Leon will run a special coffee offer where all its guests bringing reusable cups into the restaurants will be rewarded with a completely free coffee.”