Tier two restrictions are the “worst of both worlds”, according to Jeremy King, as he revealed his West End restaurants were down 50% on Monday compared to the previous week.

The Corbin & King co-founder said the restrictions left London in “no man’s land” with guests discouraged to go out, but with no support from the government.

In his newsletter, he wrote: “What will really determine the survival of restaurants is establishing whether the Government really cares about us and also admit their mistakes on all the peripheral idiocies that make restaurateuring nigh impossible: curfew, congestion charges, and the congestion inducing street barriers to name a few.”

King said there was a “glimmer of hope” in reports that business meetings may be permissible in restaurants and bars, something he proposed the group would proceed with.

Despite it being described as a grey areas by UK Hospitality, he wrote: “Frankly I have had enough of prevarication, indecision and contradictions and am pressing ahead on this basis irrespectively.”

He also reported The Delaunay opened yesterday, saving 100 staff from redundancy.

King wrote: “Our decision appeared really sound as the bookings came in droves and we were gratified by the support. When subsequently tier two was announced it was assumed that we would change our mind but, on the contrary, we were determined to save our staff and somehow ride this out.”