Walter Seib, chief executive of global travel concessions operator HMSHost, has told M&C that healthy eating concepts have huge growth potential in UK transport hubs.

He said the reputation of the UK as a culinary hub was growing and praised the quality of local produce available in the country.

HMSHost’s relationships with operators such as Leon, which is set to open its latest partnership with the company in Euston station, had proved that consumers are increasingly discerning in their choice of food and beverage options at transport hubs, he said.

He said street food operations were also ideal for inclusion in future developments.

He said: “The UK is probably more similar in tastes to the US than to the rest of Europe. It’s reputation for food and drink is growing all the time and you see that now not just in London but in cities across the country.

“I think healthy eating is a huge area. Customers want transparency and they are willing to pay a bit more if they feel what they are ordering both tastes delicious and is good for them.

“You can see that in the way Leon is growing. We have a great relationship with John Vincent and his team and that partnership has worked really well in helping them adapt to a different environment.

“Affordability and speed of service have always been absolutely key trend s but we are also seeing consumers willing to spend a bit more time and pay a little more if they are given the right experience.

“The street food scene is really nothing new – we have been doing it for years and the kind of concepts you see working really well in street food markets – such as Asian cuisine – work perfectly in our market.”