Harry Ramsden’s, the Boparan brand, could look to bring the assisted service format of its Southampton West Quay site to further locations, MCA has learnt.

Boparan Restaurant Group chief executive Tom Crowley told MCA said the model was a good vehicle for franchised expansion, and said he expected new franchised sites to be announced in the coming months.

Crowley said there were opportunities to explore further overseas expansion, under international franchise director Judd Williams.

He said new menu items, such as peri peri fish bites and Sri Lankan fish curry, had helped Harry Ramden’s tap into a new audience after launching six weeks ago.

Crowley said sales across the collection were solid, particularly with the sunnier weather of recent weeks.

On the Southampton assisted service mode, where customers order at the counter but have the food delivered to the table, Cowley said: “Where we have the opportunity to offer assisted service we will do it. It’s a franchisable model, that’s where we see the possibilities - as a very good vehicle to franchise.

He continued: “We have some very good franchise partners, such as Welcome break, and we will do more with them.

“Also we are looking at agreements with new partners overseas. Franchising great opportunity for Harry’s, I don’t think we’ve expanded overseas nearly enough.

“Judd Williams is driving that agenda and I’m sure we will see some sites coming through the franchise business shortly.”

On general trading and the menu refresh, he added: “Sales are solid. The brand is very established but weather plays a huge parts. If the sun shines we sell a hell of a lot of fish and chips, when it rains not as much.

“It’s a brand in good health and the weather we’re heaving at the moment is fantastic, so generally we’re happy.

“We are pleased with sales of the new items, and we’re definitely tapping into an audience which we weren’t before – we’re pleased with results.”