Chief executive Andrew Guy has said he will remain involved in the running of Ed’s Easy Diner in some capacity in the event of the mooted sale of the business going through.

Speaking at Arena’s Summer Event, Guy said of the media speculation that Ed’s will be sold this year that although there may be a change in ownership, there will be no impact on the brand or its philosophy. He said he expects to be involved in the next phase of the brand’s development.

Earlier this year, the company appointed head hunters to commence the search for a possible successor to Guy, who anticipates the brand will grow to 80 units by the end of next year, with the addition of 25 restaurants in 2016.

He said that Ed’s will require an estimated 300 more people working for it between now and Christmas. Guy said the recruitment policy does not require new staff to have any hospitality or even work experience, but instead said: “We recruit smiles,” providing people have that, the company can train people to know other aspects of the role. 

The company uses a ‘speed dating’ initial interview stage, with candidates participating in a one minute interview followed by a conventional interview if successful.

Guy said this method allows managers to ascertain if potential employees posses the qualities required to be a team member.

As a company that tries to hire from within, Guy emphasised the importance of growing talent with the Ed’s Academy that sees potential managers trained up to take on additional roles within the business. 

He said: “Talent is all around at every level and you have to nurture and promote it and in an internal candidate looks 50% right for a role then take them, because the other 50% will come.”

Guy said the estate is expected to reach 55/57 restaurants by the end of 2015.