Five Guys is considering a further trial of a breakfast menu across its UK restaurants, BigHospitality reports.

The US chain has been serving an early morning range in Bristol since May and says it has been a “popular addition”.

The breakfast offer is available from 8am to 11am and includes coffee, orange juice and burger buns with a combination of egg, cheese, and bacon fillings priced from £3.95 to £6.45.

Five Guys UK CEO John Eckbert told BigHospitality the Bristol menu was launched partly on the recommendation of the chain’s delivery partner Deliveroo.

Breakfast was previously tested at a handful of Five Guys UK restaurants several years ago.

“We may trial [breakfast] in other stores in the near future,” says Eckbert. “It is a narrower offer so I don’t think we’ve completely nailed the breakfast menu that Five Guys could do, but interestingly we end up selling a surprising number of burgers in the morning.

“We have some great locations where we could definitely pull some breakfast customers into the store, so it’s certainly an area of expansion and growth for us.”

Five Guys also serves breakfast at its Paris Gare du Nord restaurant and has done so at selected sites in the US.