Russian-based tech-focused pizzeria brand Dodo Pizza will open a second restaurant in the UK later this month.

The group, which currently operates more than 450 restaurants in 12 countries including Europe, the US and China, will open in Coventry, and has plans to open further pizzerias in the UK. It opened its debut UK restaurant in Brighton in 2017.

Dodo was founded in 2011 by Russian blogger and entrepreneur Fyodor Ovchinnikov, initially launching as a delivery-only pizza store before being developed into an IT-oriented concept, with fully integrated production and administration process, despite its somewhat less than ‘future proof’ name.

The company uses a cloud-based system known as Dodo IS that collects and processes operations data, reports real-time business analytics, and helps kitchen and delivery staff to be more efficient by allowing for more informed decision-making. It also allows people from around the world to see the kitchens of its stores on the internet and posts its individual restaurant sales figures in its company blogs for people to read.

Last year the company announced it would be expanding its IT team from 49 to 250 developers to help it build new online systems, including a build-your-own-pizza feature on its app. It also intends to  opening the ‘pizzeria of the future’ in China, which will have no cashiers and where all orders will be processed via the WeChat messenger.

Dodo began a franchising model in 2013 with a target of around 2,500 restaurants to be achieved through a mixture of franchise and corporate-owned stores. It has since overtaken Domino’s, Papa John’s and Pizza Hut to become Russia’s market leader in pizza delivery.

In 2014, it completed the largest crowdfunding campaign in Russian history, raising more than $2 million from 180 private investors, many IT professionals and engineers.

For the launch of the Coventry pizzeria Dodo is giving away 500 margarita pizzas in return for honest feedback.