This week’s exclusive Diary includes Steve Easterbrook learning the ropes; Tim Martin on the Euro and fake Wetherspoons; and receiving help from Phil “the Power” Taylor Your waiter’s name is Easterbrook A rare talent is the usual description that comes to mind when talking about new Pizza Express chief executive Steve Easterbrook. Well Diary can embellish on that by saying that he is also a dab hand as a waiter. The former McDonald’s executive spent his first week at the pizza chain getting back to basics on the restaurant floor as part of his induction. You can imagine Diary’s surprise when it bumped into him at the chain’s Charlotte Street site cleaning tables. As you can imagine they were spotless! Pizza popularity contest Despite Boris Johnson beating Ken Livingstone to be Mayor of London, it seems Red Ken is the match of his rival when it comes to pizza toppings. Pizza Express launched a “will it be Boris or Ken” election race last month, with special edition Boris and Ken pizzas. A Boris consisted of spicy beef, onions, peppers, and “an extra mop of Mozzarella on top – highlighting Boris’ famously unkept hair”. Meanwhile “the Ken” played on Livingstone’s love of avocado and is a “twist on the Pomodoro Pesto” pizza. The most popular pizza with consumers proved to be Ken’s, which beat Boris by 4%. Truly the people have spoken. Penny drops for Martin Tim Martin, the Wetherspoon chairman, once again uses his column in the company’s bi-monthly Wetherspoon News to launch a blistering attack on the euro. He dismisses the idea of fiscal union without political integration as a “load of baloney” and “incredibly stupid”. “It’s fair enough,” Martin writes, “for citizens of a democracy to be, in effect, liable for the debts of their own government. They’ve voted it in - and they can vote it out, if they don’t like what that government is doing. It’s quite another matter, though to ask the citizens of one country to underwrite the debts of another, when they do not have the democratic power to control the activities of that foreign government.” But despite the anti-euro stance, one JDW customer questions the company’s commitment to keep the pound - noting how the £ symbol has strangely disappeared from the printed menus. Mr Giles of Gwent writes: “Suddenly we have units of currency such as 1.6 or 3.5 - and then a lonely 60p may appear. Perhaps you still have a soft spot for the penny?” Penny for your thoughts, Tim? “I see what you mean about the £ symbol, but maybe you can get too much of a good thing.” Not enough pennies dropping While Martin debates the merits of the Euro, it seems he may not have as many pounds in his pocket as last year. JDW’s 2011 annual report showed that its founder and chairman took a £19,000 pay cut, down from £394,000 in 2010 to £375,000 for the year to 24th July. Chief executive John Hutson also saw his pay packet shrink from £656,000 to £628,000. I wonder what that is in euros. El Wetherspoon Elsewhere in Wetherspoon News, Martin is scathing about reports of a copycat Wetherspoons opening up in the Spanish resort of Benidorm. Mr Hetherington of Lancashire writes: “An English lad, who worked at this bar, said that it was a genuine Wetherspoon bar and the first of a number to be opened later this year.” Martin replies: “It’s definitely not a genuine Wetherspoon - and the English lad that you spoke to is so crooked that he bends triple.” Soap opera over pub plans Looks like the Emmerdale pub the Woolpack, in Esholt, near Bradford, has one last chance. The pub closed a while back and owner Enterprise Inns wanted to spend £300,000 extending the pub. Local opposition put paid to the plans in August. Now a new landlady Denise Mather is installed and she's given he pub a "shabby chic" makeover with a stone-flagged floor, pine furniture, a bright new colour scheme and a bar now devoid of its former sticky surface. Enterprise has paid for refurbishing the toilets and for essential maintenance work in the car park. But the clock is ticking. Says Mather: “Enterprise has given me a year to turn it around. I signed a retail tenancy agreement on September 9, so the clock has already started ticking. “I must admit I was horrified when I saw the original plans – they were going to move the kitchen and the bar, the gents’ loos were moving and they were going to build an extension with a restaurant area. It was going to be one big, open pub. They would have completely turned the pub upside down." Might have taken some serious cash, though. Liquid darts Diary hears that SkySports dart presenter, Dave Clarke, came up with the goods for a Sussex pub when he attended a meet the brewer event at the Partridge in Partridge Green. The eagled-eyed Clarke noticed that the Dark Star Brewery-owned pub was without arras, so volunteered to correct the problem. A month later a new Unicorn HD board arrived – better still, the last man to pepper the 180 on the board was none other than Phil “The Power” Taylor.