Bavava Restaurants, the operators behind Döner Haüs, has secured its third site, in Fountain Park, Edinburgh, as it prepares to hit the button on expansion, MCA has learnt.

Founder Sanjeev Sanghera told MCA after trailing the casual dining German-style kebab brand in Sunderland, he was gearing up to open a further five sites next year.

The second Döner Haüs is set to open in Glasgow in the coming days, with a further site in the North West in advanced negotiations.

He said with support from HSBC, there was scope to open between four to six units between 2018-2019, with the plan to establish the individual business, before selling them off to franchisees.

Meanwhile Sanghera’s other concept, Papadoms, is close to opening its first site in Bradford, though he said expansion of this contemporary Indian restaurant would be much slower, with probably only one more next year, due to the larger site sizes, and the fact all the food is to be made in-house at a production facility.

He said: “We are aiming to open five more Döner Haüs sites next year. We have an excellent relationship with HSBC, and they have asked for our second phase growth plans.

“Perhaps they maybe wanted us to expand quicker than we anticipated - which is great, because people are usually pushing the bank. They are very excited about growing with us.

“We’ve played about with the numbers and if we get right opportunities we may look to open four to six units between 2018-2019, though it depends how we trade over next six months.

He added: “We plan to refranchise them at some point, probably late 2018, early 2019. Before we franchise any units we need to be sure they’re working right.”

Sanghera said the Döner Haüs was a more premium casual dining experience than the quick service German Donner Kebab brand.

On Papadoms he added: “We Significant investment is needed for production facilities to support restaurant. There’s a lot more work in the background to give it the traction it needs to grow.

“We expect to maybe open one more site towards the end of next year. We need to make sure the first site is working perfectly before thinking about another.”