EatsMeatsWest, the Henry Yau-fronted restaurant group, its converting its CockaDoodleMoo Rochdale site into new Chinese brand WowYauChow.

CockaDoodleMoo, a BBQ concept, will have one site remaining after the closure, in Stockport.

WowYauChow will open its first site in Altrincham in December 2018, with the rebrand of CockaDoodleMoo Rochdale to take place in January 2019, taking it to two.

Yau said: “CockaDoodleMoo Rochdale has had many memorable moments over the past three years, all of which were only made possible with the support of the great people of Rochdale and beyond, which we are truly grateful for.

“2018 has been a very challenging year for us and many other businesses across the country, and as a result, we have now made the difficult decision to cease trading as CockaDoodleMoo Rochdale on 18 November 2018, however we are delighted to announce that we will be introducing our new casual dining Chinese restaurant, WowYauChow in its place during January 2019.

“We will be launching our casual dining Chinese restaurant first in Altrincham by December 2018, and immediately after, we will re-launch our Rochdale site as the second WowYauChow.

“WowYauChow is a Chinese casual dining concept born from the same spirit as CockaDoodleMoo and combines outstanding food, great service and amazing value for money, housed within our signature quirky environments.”