The Ealing branch of Chooks, the chicken concept run by the Joffe family, is being converted into sister concept Bob’s Café, an all-day dining restaurant.

Juliette Joffe, who co-founded Giraffe, told MCA customers’ in the area preferred more flexible all day dining options, while the chicken restaurant market had become saturated.

The change will leave a single site for Chooks in Muswell Hill, while Bob’s is seen as having the most growth potential at Laurel Canyon Ventures, the parent group founded by Joffe’s son Gideon, which also includes steak concept Monkeynuts and Chez Bob.

Joffe said: “Having opened Bob’s Café in Queen’s Park, which has been such as amazing hit, we decided this what people want today, and its more suited to Ealing.

“We thought the growth potential would be in Chooks, but chicken has become saturated. Plus you only target a certain audience, even though we had breakfast options people knew as a chicken place.

“People want more, they want to be able to eat all day every day, everything is evolving and changing.”

Joffe said they were looking for more Bob’s sites, and could open a further one or two this year.