Camille’s, the American ice cream bar operator, is planning to make inroads into the UK market this year, M&C Report has learnt.

A spokesman said the group is to devise plans in May for further development in 2014, “which will include the United Kingdom”. “When these plans are firm we shall start the recruitment process for UK partners.”

He said the Middle East is the “primary focus for Camille’s” - it recently agreed an exclusive deal with Qatar-based Palma Hospitality Group. However, launches are lined up in Cologne, Germany; Lahore in Pakistan; and also in Moscow

Last September a spokesman said the company could expand to 100 sites in Britain over three to four years.

The company, which opened its first site in Texas in 2010, is working with World Franchise Associates to take the brand into Britain. A spokesman said the concept operates across a variety of different sizes and would suit different locations including transport hubs, shopping centres and within department stores.