Chef Michael Caines plans to use the opening of his luxury country house and restaurant Lympstone Manor as a platform to launch consultancy opportunities, MCA has leant.

Caines, who held two Michelin stars at Gidleigh Park for 18 years, and is a former director at Brownsword Hotels, is in talks to open to new hotel-restaurants in Manchester and Glasgow under his Michael Caines consultancy business.

He said the he would probably put his name to the new sites, under a similar arrangement to Pale Hall Hotel in Wales, and each model would be adapted to the area.

Caines said following the opening of Lympstone Manor earlier this month he was also looking to buy a pub in the local village and was buying property around the historic country house to provide additional accommodation.

On the consultancy opportunities, he said: “There’s two type of models; you can hide behind the brand and roll it out, and the other is you put your name on the door and do it that way. The only successful way for either of those models is getting the market and product right.

“Manchester is a good city, we had a very business there with ABode, and my name is well known up there. You need a fun, unpretentious product up there.

“In Glasgow we’re working with a hotel just outside the city that wants to go upmarket but has slipped, and before they invest they want the expertise to guide them.

“We adapt the model to the customer, but we make sure we don’t dilute the brand. Otherwise you do it for the money, and not the right reasons.”

Caines is also working on a pastry range with long-standing pastry chef Sylvain Peltier, and is planting a vineyard in Lympstone to make sparkling wine.

On the potential for buying a pub in the Devon village he added: “Lympstone could do with a gourmet pub destination – but not too gourmet, otherwise they won’t come here [Lympstone Manor].”