The global burger giant yesterday announced its 47th consecutive quarter of sales and guest count growth in the UK. We look at data from MCA’s Eating Out Panel to assess how the brand has been performing against its peers over the past year.

During 2017 the brand grew its NPS score by more 44%, outperforming the 29% rise in score for the total fast food market. McDonald’s ended 2017 with an NPS score of 26, compared to the wider market at 23.8. Key competitors Burger King and KFC sit at 18.6 and 7.2 respectively, with both also seeing a considerable uptick in their score since December 2016.

McDonald’s either outperforms or matches the market on 12 out of 14 KPIs. The two areas it underperforms total fast food are atmosphere/environment (7.5 vs 7.6) and freshness (8.0 vs 8.1). Its overall experience score matches the wider market at 8.2 but outperforms its key competitors who sit at 7.8 and 8.0 respectively.

MCA analyst Emma Randle said: “NPS scores are up generally in the market over this period, reflecting the improving quality on offer. For McDonald’s, KFC and Burger King, the consumer ratings for food quality and value for money are higher than last year, and these are two of the biggest consumer needs.

“For McDonald’s in particular, over the last year there has been major in-store improvements, with self-order kiosks and some table service. Again, this can be seen in the KPI scores, with improved customer ratings for the brand in speed of service and atmosphere/environment. McDonald’s has also invested in its food quality by rolling out the Signature Collection, which saw strong growth in 2017.”