Bagatelle, the international contemporary French restaurant concept, will make its debut in the UK, in central London this spring.

As flagged up by MCA last August, the company, which was founded in New York in 2011 by hospitality entrepreneurs Aymeric Celemente and Remi Laba, has lined up the former Quattro Passi site in Mayfair’s Dover Street for its London debut.

The group currently operates 10 restaurants across the globe, including sites in Miami Beach, Los Angeles, St. Tropez, and Sao Paulo.

The company, which aims to take the authentic French dining experience worldwide, has the motto, “joie de vivre”. It says this influences “their ingredient-driven and high-energy ambiance”, showing guests that “joie de vivre” is not just a saying – “it is a lifestyle”.

Co-founder Remi Laba has previously described Bagatelle’s appeal as thus: “Anyone can find something they love at Bagatelle. We are a restaurant before anything. You want a great meal, we are here to provide just that. We can be loud for sure, but we can be romantic and quiet as well. The restaurant has multiple personalities, and depending on the time of your reservation, you can experience our different character traits. Don’t come just for the party; come for our food first and our famous Bagatelle smile!”.