The Rainbow pub in Birmingham is set to the first in Britain to offer round-the-clock drinking. Owners Avery Taverns will be one of only a handful of operators to take advantage of changes to the licensing laws under the 2003 Licensing Act. Chris McLaughlin, one of the Rainbow's three licensees, believes staggered opening times are a good idea. But his colleague Fuzz Townsend is concerned about the long hours and asks: "Who wants to be the pub that everyone goes to when they're howling pissed?" Tony Payne, chief executive of the Federation of Licensed Victuallers Association, insists the new licensing laws will not throw the working lives of bar staff into turmoil. He points out that by law they cannot be forced to work longer than agreed. If anything, he adds, the move will open up the market and give more flexibility to both staff and customers. The Independent on Sunday 06/02/05 page 14 The Mail on Sunday 06/02/05 (Financial Mail) page 43