The West Berkshire Brewery has raised more than £1 million towards the company’s £1.4 million goal on capital raising platform Asset Match.

West Berkshire is seeking to raise $1.4 million in exchange for 19% equity in the company.

As of publication this morning 31 investors were on board, with the largest investing £225,000. The minimum subscription amount is £5,000.

West Berkshire said it intends to use the proceeds to construct a purpose-built brewery that will allow for a tenfold increase in production with improved efficiencies.

The company currently receives marginal rate beer duty relief, and said it can grow production by approximately six times before paying the full beer duty.

West Berkshire said it also intends to build a new visitor centre complete with a larger shop and a café and acquire at least one drink-led, managed pub in an urban location

The proposed new bottling, kegging and canning facilities at the new brewery will reduce in-house costs, and will provide an additional revenue stream.

West Berkshire has already expanded its sales & marketing team to drive domestic sales through pubs and supermarkets and intends to promote export sales.