Wadworth has given away 5,000 pints as part of Random Acts of Kindness Week.

From 13 to 19 February, visitors to Wadworth’s managed houses, along with 10 nominated tenanted sites, were randomly gifted with a pint of Wadworth’s 6X beer.

Publicans and managers at the participating pubs got behind the mission to “spread happiness across Wadworth’s south of England pubs”.

Each site was provided with new 6X glasses to serve the free pints in and, by the end of the week, 4,500 pints of the ale had been given to unsuspecting guests.

Prior to 13 February, Wadworth sent suggestions of when to give out a free pint of 6X, including someone struggling to decide what to drink, regular 6X drinkers, diners, anyone celebrating a special occasion, or someone who looked like they needed cheering up.

Random gifts of beer were also sent during the week to social media users who happened to mention they needed a beer.

Wadworth chief executive Chris Welham said: “It’s been a great week, with some brilliant stories from across our pub estate. I am thrilled so many people walked away with a smile on their faces thanks to our random acts of kindness.”