Turnover at the UK’s top 100 pub and bar companies has risen 11% in the last year, new research has shown.

Data from Ortis Secured Finance showed that turnover across the top companies in the sector is up 30% on 2008/09.

Total turnover reached £11.7bn in 2015/16, up from £10.5bn for 2014/15 and £8.9bn in 2008/09.

The research identified the sharp rise as being driven primarily by the larger pub and bar companies but said premiumisation was a powerful trend across the sector. Ortus said the relative ease with which large groups could access funding allowed them to adapt products quickly to suit changes in consumer tastes.

John Salisbury, managing director at Ortus, said: “Consumers are increasingly looking for smart, new venues that offer fashionable products. Many large companies have reacted quickly and intelligently and it is showing in their turnover. However, small pubs and bars also need to be able to quickly respond to changing preferences of their customers.”