Thornbridge and Pivovar have confirmed that the second site for their joint venture will open in York in December.

The Derbyshire-based brewer and the Jamie Hawksworth-led craft beer bar operator are investing £500,000 in the refurbishment of the former pawnbroker Herbert Brown & Son on the corner of Jubbergate, under their Thornbridge & Co collaboration.

The venue is set to open on 1 December as the Market Porter, with a design inspired by Inception Group’s Mr Fogg’s brand.

It is the second of ten sites the pair plan to open over five years, with the debut site set to launch in Birmingham later this month.

The companies announced the joint venture in December last year with plans to open ten pubs nationwide in the next five years.

Moving into 2019 Thornbridge and Co are also looking at sites in London, Manchester, Brighton and Leeds.

Jamie Hawksworth, owner and director of Pivovar, said:“From seeing the buildings exterior it isn’t an attractive build. But viewing the inside we found that on the first floor there is the view straight over the market stalls. You can see all over the tops of the canopies and it looks straight down towards the Shambles. The second floor offers you views across the rooftops that look straight across to the Rose Window of the Minster.

“It really is one of the best views over York!”

Thornbridge chief executive Simon Webster said: “Bringing Thornbridge & Co. to York is something we’re very excited about. It’s a beautiful city with a wonderful craft beer community and we cant wait to be a part of it! It’s also a great opportunity to have the freedom to turn this 1960s build into a welcoming, attractive pub that we think will fit brilliantly within York. We think our beer will be a great addition to the local people and the tourists that come and go through the city.”