The chief executive of Britain’s biggest nightclub group has called for the industry to “get its act together” on the issue of alcohol-pricing policies. Stephen Thomas, head of Luminar, said that UK pub, bar and club operators must agree an industry-wide policy and present a united voice to government and the health lobby. Thomas told M&C Report: “We as an industry must get our act together because at the moment, it is chaos. We cannot agree our position, everyone has their own agenda, and there is no coherent message. We need to employ professional lobbyists.” The founder of Luminar said that industry leaders should establish a code of practice – a set of criteria, setting out the key components of responsible retailing. Thomas said supermarkets had to be brought into line by the government and defended the current levels of discounting at some Luminar venues, which has seen prices as low as 80p-per-drink. He said: “You can buy up to 60 bottles of lager for £20 at some supermarkets – that’s just over 30p per drink. What is wrong with us charging more than double that, in a regulated environment where we have a whole series of measure in place to ensure our customers have an enjoyable and safe experience? "If a price is acceptable in the off-trade, it has to be acceptable in the on-trade – we are after all selling the same products.” An advocate of minimum pricing laws, Thomas said that Luminar and other on-trade operators had little choice but to drop drinks prices in order to compete in the current tough trading environment. He said: “We as an industry realise that supermarkets are our biggest competitor. The government has done nothing about supermarkets and they are beating the hell out of us. “By reducing prices to a point where we can compete with them, I have proved it is possible to get people to come out.” Thomas said his company had acted in the face of falling footfall, and also pointed out that the heavily-discounted pricing policies were only in place on traditionally ‘dark’ nights – and not at peak weekend trading times. The offers are in place at a clutch of Luminar clubs, including venues in Bournemouth, Leeds and Mansfield.