The ‘perfect storm’ of half-term, unseasonably warm weather and Halloween last week saw sales rise 10% for managed pub operator TCG.

Chief operating officer Nigel Wright said Halloween had grown in popularity to the point where it was now second only to Christmas as a business booster.

He said:  “This Halloween has been an excellent one across the TCG estate, with sales levels on the Friday equivalent to a Saturday, and, importantly, no drop off the following night. We encourage our pubs and bars to turn Halloween into ‘Halloweek’ and many of them had their decorations in place well ahead of the night.  We saw sales up by 10% for the week, thanks to the ‘perfect storm’ of Halloween combined with mild weather and the half term holiday.”

He praised staff across the estate who “pulled out all the stops to create an appropriately horrific atmosphere for their customers.” 

He added: “Performance was strong across the board, with standout sites including our Eerie pubs, especially Slain’s Castle in Aberdeen, several London bars such as Henry’s Cafe Bars and Via Canary Wharf and our gay pubs in Soho. Elsewhere, young bars like Bar Release in Worthing and Off the Wall in Chester achieved excellent sales, while several community pubs, such as the Fatling in Hornchurch and the George Staples in Sidcup, also performed well – proving that Halloween can be an effective sales driver across the estate.”