Spanish Restaurant Group, which operates Tapas Revolution, has now opened half of its 12-strong estate. 

It will continue to open sites and plans to be fully operational in October.

Since the lockdown the group has restructured its management system and introduced a profit-related pay scheme.

“We’re in a great position to get our fleet of Spanish restaurants back in operation and have a team who are committed and eager to start welcoming guests through our doors again, with our initial performance ahead of expectation,” said MD James Picton. 

“The new management structure we’re introducing will go a long way to help safeguard our future, whilst at the same time improving the prospects for growth and advancement for our employees, ensuring they feel empowered and instrumental in our success.

”It’s great that during such times of uncertainty we’ve been able to identify areas of opportunity for our staff, offering a host of promotions across the company in the process, whilst also setting out plans to recognise and develop aspiring talent.”