Stonegate has reported an overall sales uplift of 69% at its venues which screened the Women’s World Cup (WWC) semi-final, which saw England play the United States.

The sales boost was based on the average run rate for Tuesday evening between 7-10pm for the previous six weeks.

Stonegate said it was the first time Women’s football has entered the top 25 sporting occasions in terms of sales uplift over the course of a season – and was roughly equivalent to the North London Derby between Tottenham and Arsenal.

Famous Three Kings in Fulham, a multi-award-winning sports pub, saw sales up 265%, and was one of the number of venues which hosted viewing parties for fans of the game.

Nicola Pryce, marketing director Stonegate Pub Company, said: “At Stonegate we pride ourselves on our sites being the best places for the UK’s sports fans to cheer on their favourite teams and the Women’s World Cup (WWC) has been no exception. Inclusivity is at the heart of our business and we are proud of our history of helping nurture the market for women’s sports watching in the UK. 

“We are constantly innovating our sports-led entertainment offer with the goal that our pubs and bars are the next best place to the stadium to experience the atmosphere and excitement of a match. With sports that may not have as significant a following, we like our teams to host viewing parties so likeminded fans can come together and celebrate their side’s performance.

“We don’t see the WWC as a flash in the pan either. We are committed to screening Women’s sports across our estate and growing the audience and market for them. We hope to build on the positive momentum of this year’s tournament in the run up to the 2021 UEFA Women’s Championship in England.”