UK pubs recorded an estimated 26% uplift in sales over the opening weekend of Euro 2016, according to analysis of EPOS data.

Epos Now, which examined a sample of 500 UK pubs, said Wales saw the biggest increases, with pub sales up 41% on the 2015 average for a Saturday in June. There was a ramp up in drink sales across the afternoon and then a big surge in after-match celebration drinking.

English pubs saw a smaller 23% surge in takings on Saturday compared to the overall average for Saturdays in June 2015. Pubs in Northern Ireland saw a 29% uplift.

Jacyn Heavens, founder of Epos Now, said: “Given that average takings for a summer weekend are typically high anyway, these increases underline the huge level of interest in Euro 2016 across the UK and highlight the tremendous power of live football as a revenue driver for pubs.”

Looking ahead, Epos Now expects the momentum to continue this week, with a projected 21% surge during Thursday afternoon clash between England and Wales. The company has also estimated that if Wales win, Cardiff pubs would see a 32% surge on their evening sales while London pubs would only witness a 9% increase if there was an England victory.