Pivovar, the craft beer pub operator and beer importer, has lined up new sites in Birmingham and Manchester to open at the end of the first quarter of 2015 to bring its estate to nine, M&C Report learnt.

The group, led by Jamie Hawksworth, has secured sites for traditional style brew tap pubs, called Manchester Tap and Birmingham Tap.

Meanwhile Pivovar is re-branding its Euston Cider Taps into a craft bar specialising in beers from the north of England – called Northern Tap.

“Everyone seems to get caught up in the craft been revolution and we are reminding people that it started in the north,” Hawksworth said.

“Cider proved to be quite hard work because the suppliers are very niche and it’s a seasonal drink.”

The bar is expected to re-open in early 2015.

Over the past year, Pivovar has streamlined its operations to increase profitability. This has included the centralisation of all purchasing for its seven pubs to operate as a single group rather than individual sites across the country.

The most recently opened Pivovar brew pubs opened in Harrogate and Trinity Leeds, where Hawksworth said he is pleased with the performance over the first year and its results have been “very good”.