Nightclub group Luminar this morning revealed that like-for-like sales were down 2.4% and blamed Euro 2008 and a 'deteriorating macro-economic climate' for the decline in trade. The group – led by Stephen Thomas – said cumulatively for the 19 weeks so far – like for like total dancing was down 2.4% and branded dancing was up 1.9%. But, as analyst Mark Brumby of Blue Oar Securities pointed out, at the last update – total dancing was up 1.9% and branded dancing sales were up 7.5%. This means that for the last 9 weeks comparable sales have plummeted to -7.2% and -4.3%respectively. In a statement before its AGM, Luminar said: “A deteriorating macro-economic climate, markedly different weather patterns from last year and Euro 2008 football all contributed to a sharp decline in footfall during the last nine weeks, which impacted sales albeit with spend per head improving. “This current financial year is set to be one of the most difficult in recent times for our consumers, as amongst other things the unprecedented hike in fuel costs is affecting their disposable income.” Luminar said the lates figures have been hindered by 12 rolling refits. It also added: “Luminar offers an unmatchable customer experience and entertainment throughout its venues, which differentiates it from other town centre offerings. “The company is better positioned for this economic climate than previously. In order to mitigate some of the impacts of factors outside our control, we have already implemented changes to our trading position and ways to drive footfall, and have reviewed our cost base and aim to make savings accordingly.“ Luminar is still looking to off-load its investment in the 3D Entertainment Group. In this financial year, Luminar has acquired one site in Manchester, for which it received a £500,000 reverse premium from the landlord and disposed of 22 sites – all but one to Cavendish Bars. It now has 97 sites.